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Employer Brand

The employer brand is what makes employees and candidates want to work for you. It’s your image, your culture, your vision; this is what you do to attract them and keep them.

Among our team of professionals, we have experienced partners, such as a former Human Resources director who will be able to make a

diagnosis of your employer brand and make recommendations to you. 

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 The labor shortage is a reality that affects all sectors of the economy. To face it, we must know how to attract, retain and develop the best talent.

Recruiting, training and employee success in Quebec represents a significant investment for businesses. HR Recognition Events' mission is to help you retain your employees and be an employer of choice.


Gross Annual Salary

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Gross Annual Salary



Gross Annual Salary



Calendar Pages

Annual Strategic Planning of
your Corporate Events

What is an annual activities calendar? It’s a set of events and activities that you plan throughout the year for your employees, based on their interests, their needs and your values. For example, you can organize thematic days, cultural outings, creative workshops, wellness sessions, fun competitions, etc. The goal is to create a bond between employees, strengthen their sense of belonging, stimulate their motivation and make them adhere to your vision. A tailor-made plan will be established for your business according to your budget and your specific objectives.

Website Development

A website that values your employees: entrust us with the creation of your website that highlights the lives, successes, testimonials and benefits of your employees. At HR Recognition Events, we are experts in event organization and internal communication. We help you strengthen your employer brand, retain your talents and attract new candidates.

Meeting Between Colleagues
Reviewing Proposal

Analysis of your Benefits and Programs

HR Recognition Events: your benefits expert:

  • Optimize your offer: we evaluate your current social benefits, we identify your strengths and weaknesses, we define your objectives and your priorities. We offer you solutions adapted to your budget, your sector of activity and your values. We support you in setting up and communicating your employee well-being programs.​

  • Innovate to build loyalty: we suggest innovative and original ideas to enrich your social benefits offer.

Creation of Visual Content in Business

We offer photography and videography services to commemorate your events or your working moments with your employees. We offer you authentic and quality content, adapted to your needs and your image. We organize all the elements of the shooting day, from equipment to post-production, to guarantee you superb results.

Photoshoot Preparations

Become an employer of choice

Alexa Young, CA

Offer more than money: benefits, bonuses, recognition.

Make your employees a family: invite their loved ones to your activities and events.

Respect the pace of life of your employees: offer them flexible hours, remote working options or personalized leave.

Give your employees growth opportunities: offer them training, mentoring, challenges or promotions.

Value your employees: listen to them, involve them, congratulate them, advise them.

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