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Corporate Travel

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Why leave the regular workplace?

A corporate travel trip is a strategic reflection meeting, which takes place in a location away from the usual work environment.


Benefits :

  • Mobilize the team around an important subject or project

  • Dispel tensions and uncertainties and re-motivate the team

  • Make decisions in a friendly and creative atmosphere

  • Promote discussion, openness and cooperation between participants

  • Think differently and get the team thinking about the future of the company

A corporate travel trip can therefore be an effective tool for career development, developing skills, as well as the performance and competitiveness of the company.


They are also ideal for boards of directors and committees of directors.

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Complete support for your business trip
  • Set or update a travel policy

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees

  • Optimize your travel budget

  • Choose your mode of transport and book your tickets

  • Create your travel itinerary

  • Book your accommodation

  • Reservation of team building activities, leisure activities and tourist visits

  • On-site event management, such as: training, recognition gala and much more!

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We collaborate with many hotels and resorts in the Laurentides, Lanaudière and Estrie regions.

We also organize trips abroad.

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