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Training & Conferences

Why training and conferences?


  • Train my employees on current topics and stimulate their curiosity.

  • Learn new skills and update according to trends.

  • Perfect their craft and improve their performance.

  • Value and recognize their work.

  • Create a bond with them and share their experiences with colleagues.


These activities are a profitable investment for your organization.

Save time and let our experts take care of the planning.

Examples of training activities available

Law of 1%

The 1% law is a law that requires Quebec employers with a payroll of more than $2 million to invest at least 1% of this amount in the training and skills development of their staff.

It is a government obligation, but also an opportunity to truly develop employee skills and increase their performance.

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Ready to make your event a success?


Whether you choose virtual, face-to-face or hybrid training or conference, the HR Recognition Events team will find the person you need and will be at your side throughout the process of organizing your event.

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