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Buying Christmas Presents
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Personalized Gifts

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Offering personalized gifts means appreciating your customers, your employees and furthering your brand. Surprising and thanking your employees and customers creates a stronger bond. It also means celebrating key moments in your collaboration, such as birthdays, successes or end-of-year celebrations.


To choose the right personalized gift, we will respect your budget, your audience, your message and your context. Include a new theme each year, in order to increase the feeling of belonging. For example, you can choose an ecological, innovative, fun or gourmet theme.

Gift Ideas for All Events


Christmas Gift

Offer personalized Christmas gifts according to the tastes of your work teams. Our team can take care of the wrapping

Presenting an Award

Recognition of Years of Service

Does your company have a gift policy for years of service? Usually highlighting 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service is very important.


Welcome Gift

Arriving at a new job is always a little stressful for an employee. Having a warm welcome and a welcome gift is a small gesture that people will remember. 

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Newborn Gift

Marking the birth of an employee's new baby is always appreciated by new parents. We have a partnership with Quebec-based company Treasure Kids.

Group Running

Business Competition

Organize a competition for new ideas, extra time or a special project. Winning a competition is always fun. 

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Retiring is a significant moment in life. It is essential to thank and appreciate an employee who has devoted his or her time and knowledge to your company.

Winter Gift Box
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Gift Ideas for All Events

Our team selects gifts based on your 
type of business. These are used to create an

environment that promotes employee development
within the organization, belonging and

encourage dialogue between members
of the group.

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More than gifts; opportunities to create connections

One of our most special projects with a company was the Fitbit project. We gave a smart watch to all employees at the Christmas party. The company wanted an initiative to encourage its staff to move and take care of their health.


The goal was to take 10,000 steps a day to be considered fit.

We then formed teams of 5 employees from different departments and locations. The Fitbit competition lasted   2 months and every week, we published a ranking of the teams who had taken the most steps.

Employees who didn't know each other became daily contacts, some even losing nearly 20 pounds thanks to the project. This is one of the many examples that show how giving a gift can have positive impacts on a human level.

Winter Gift Box
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