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Team Building Activities

Arts & Crafts
The objectives of team building?
  • Strengthen teamwork and trust within the team, by promoting collaboration and mutual assistance

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation, by encouraging the expression of ideas and the sharing of skills

  • Improve communication and feedback, by learning to listen, express yourself and respect yourself

  • Develop motivation and commitment, recognizing everyone’s efforts and successes

  • Create a climate of relaxation and camaraderie, by sharing moments of pleasure and laughter


Activities that stimulate creativity, communication and fun, using music, singing, theater or comedy

Building Homes

Activities that reinforce teamwork, competition and strategy using games, quizzes, puzzles or challenges

Fruit Salad

Activities that highlight local products, Quebec culture and know-how, using tasting, cooking, visits or entertainment

Sustainable Development
Group Planting a Tree

Activities that raise awareness of ecology, solidarity and responsibility, using recycling, gardening, cleaning or volunteering

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